Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we support?

  • Individuals who want to expand their skills in TV, film, radio and digital media
  • Organisations that help develop individuals’ skills.
  • Organisations that create educational opportunities for people who want a career in the media
  • Community initiatives


What sort of things are we happy to support?

  • Training courses to develop TV, film, digital, sound and other craft skills. 
  • These can be very short courses, part-time or full-time
    • E.g. scripting workshops; technical skills courses and business skills improvement courses.
  • Higher degree education courses (MA etc)
  • Travel grants for festivals, conferences and markets
  • Organisations or companies offering training or educational programmes
  • Projects that enrich the cultural experience through TV, film, digital and audio
  • Travelling costs for individuals at the beginning of their industry careers


What can’t we support?

  • Production costs
  • Theatre, performance, journalism
  • People’s time to develop an idea, script, etc.
  • Degree courses (BA etc)


How many times can you get financial support from us?

  • Once in a period of two years is the maximum

Ymddiried Media Grants Cymru does not have specific financial criteria when considering your application, but we expect that money is also available from another source to support you. That can be in the form of a grant or scholarship, a personal contribution etc.