Apply – Organisations

As well as supporting individuals, we’re keen to help the media sector grow by supporting training schemes and education. We’re eager to receive applications from:

  • Organisations that help develop individuals’ skills
  • Organisations that create educational opportunities for people who would like a career in media
  • Organisations and community initiatives that foster creativity and develop skills

What to include in your application:

  • A clearly-stated educational or community purpose
  • A strong partnership approach
  • Evidence of need for the project / activity
  • A robust project plan and budget
  • Relevant knowledge and experience of team members
  • Clarity in terms of the added value that a partnership with us will bring to the activity
  • Details on how our financial contribution will be used
  • List of measurable outcomes and deliverables
  • Value for money
  • Financial stability
  • Commitment to accessibility, equal opportunities and diversity within the team and project participants

What can’t we support?

  • Student projects which form part of a school, college degree or post-graduate course
  • Contributing to or financing a ‘live’ project, e.g. a film, TV or radio programme / series

How much money is available?

  • Minimum £1,000 and a maximum of £20,000
  • We are happy to consider projects for a period of up to three years.
  • Send your application via email only to: