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London Film Festival

Tina Pasotra

At the start of the year I had the opportunity of shadowing some of the post production process for feature film Unicorns, written by James Krishna Floyd and co-directed with Bafta winning filmmaker Sally El Hosaini. They invited me to the premier of Unicorns at London Film Festival and thanks to this fund I was able to attend and meet with cast and crew members of the film. 

The time spent at the festival allowed me to watch a number of films including Jeymes Samuel, The Book of Clarence. LFF often has filmmakers introducing their films, Q&A’s post film etc so it was really beneficial to experience that side of the festival. I also met with peers and was able to see filmmakers I hadn’t seen post Covid. It’s really important to attend these events to develop and sustain relationships for those of us based outside of London. Thank you again Ymddiried for the opportunity to attend the festival and engage with the industry important for our career development.