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With the support of  £576.00 from Ymddiried: Media Grants Cymru, I had the privilege of joining the Filmonomics 23/24 Cohort, alongside 17 other filmmakers. This program, spanning four months from December 12, 2023, to March 2024, provided a comprehensive blend of business training aimed at nurturing both creative and commercial skills, tailored particularly for UK-based marginalised gender feature film directors, writers, and producers on the verge of their debut or having just released their first film.

Throughout the program, which included industry panels, round tables, group coaching, and networking sessions, I focused on honing my feature film pitch and proposal, understanding market dynamics, exploring environmental sustainability in production, analysing box office trends, and delving into distribution strategies. These practical insights were invaluable, equipping me with a deeper understanding of the industry and providing actionable strategies for working towards my first feature. 

One of the program’s highlights was the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of funders and distributors, alongside engaging in group coaching sessions that addressed systemic barriers within feature film development. These interactions not only expanded my industry network but also fostered a supportive community of peers with whom I continue to stay connected.

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