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Frameline International Film Festival, San Francisco

My film Donna, premiered at the Frameline Film festival, San Francisco in June 2022. Screening my first feature documentary at such an esteemed festival on the international stage has been invaluable to me as a filmmaker, and to me on a personal level. I couldn’t have done this without Ymddiried’s financial support.

Frameline Film Festival was a fantastic event – more than a hundred LGBTQ+ films – independent and commercial – were screened over 10 days in a number of venues in the Bay Area, California. Frameline organised a number of events which were useful to me as a filmmaker including an industry brunch, and daily networking sessions. I met many independent documentary filmmakers and editors whom I have kept in touch with and who I will likely work with in the future. With this being my first big film festival in 4 years, it was great to connect with so many peers. I also connected with US based cinematographers, programmers, a local production company and representatives from Frameline sponsors. I was able to talk about my next feature film with funders, and these conversations are continuing presently.

The premiere of my film was held in the iconic Castro Theatre with a large audience of local filmgoers and cast and crew connected to the film. It was an incredible experience to see my film on the big screen, and it was very well received. Being there and seeing a standing ovation as the credits rolled is something I’ll never forget. Introducing the film to more than 300 guests and taking part in a Q&A afterwards felt like a big moment in my career. Since then I have received a number of supportive messages and offers of potential work. My relationship with Frameline festival staff was really strengthened throughout the festival, and I look forward to submitting further films and applying for completion funding with them.

The screening has led to a number of other festival enquiries from Canada and the US, as well as a further screening in Autumn at another well known San Franciscan cinema – the Roxie.

The reviews and social media response to the screening was powerful and I believe it will really cement my position in the Bay Area filmmaking community, as well as the Welsh community. Thank you Ymddiried.